Chapter 1: Uncle Jeremy
Chapter 2: Daily Routine
Chapter 3: A Letter From the Academy
Chapter 4: To Be Like Jasmine
Chapter 5: L'Académie de Aadish
Chapter 6: The Day I Met Him
Chapter 7: Clarice
Chapter 8: Just a Crush
Chapter 9: A Thesis in Love
Chapter 10: A Bouquet of Red Roses
Chapter 11: Love and Pastries
Chapter 12: A Visit Home
Chapter 13: The Silence of Loneliness
Chapter 14: The Problem With Medication
Chapter 15: The First Red Rose
Chapter 16: Au Revoir, Clarice
Chapter 17: Magic and the Inbetween
Chapter 18: Fake It ‘Til You Make It
Chapter 19: A Morning Jog
Chapter 20: Daydreams Are Harmless
Chapter 21: A Taste of Matchmaking
Chapter 22: Family
Chapter 23: Lettie
Chapter 24: The Second Red Rose
Chapter 25: The New Roommate
Chapter 26: The Importance of Goodbyes
Chapter 27: The Third Red Rose
Chapter 28: Isidore’s Type
Chapter 29: Pick Your Battles
Chapter 30: An Unexpected Surprise
Chapter 31: Rex
Chapter 32: The Boy with Destiny on His Heels
Chapter 33: The Fourth Red Rose
Chapter 34: Sarah’s Secret
Chapter 35: The Saturnalia Dance
Chapter 36: Part of the Experiment
Chapter 37: Falling Behind
Chapter 38: Drops of Blood
Chapter 39: The Fifth Red Rose
Chapter 40: Back to the Academy

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